What To Do When Someone Has A Seizure

By | July 6, 2014

seizureMost seizures stop by themselves. However, the episode can be very unnerving for anyone at the scene.

Your main role is to ensure that the patient is not hurt or injured during the seizure.

When a seizure occurs, try to prevent the person falling. Lay the person on the ground in a safe area. Clear the area of furniture or other sharp objects and cushion the person’s head.

Loosen tight clothing, especially around the person’s neck.

Turn the person on his or her side. If vomiting occurs, this helps make sure that the vomit is not inhaled into the lungs.

Look for a medical bracelet or ID card with seizure instructions.

Remember These Important Points:

  • DO NOT try to restrain the person.
  • DO NOT place anything between the person’s teeth.
  • DO NOT move the person unless he or she is in danger.
  • DO NOT give the person anything by mouth until the seizure has stopped and the person is fully awake and alert.