Safety Talk Tips

So that dreaded day is near and you’ve been scheduled to deliver a safety talk to a large group.

dreading a talkSorry, but there’s no simple answer to the question of how to go about doing a presentation. Other than:

1. Tell them what you will tell them. This is your opener in which you lay out why you are speaking to the audience. 

2. Tell them. This section is your content.

3. Tell them what you just told them. Reiterate your salient points.

A great start is to have an awareness of the power of good communication skills, so that in every conversation you are clear, persuasive, engaging and put across your view with impact.

This of course takes practice, but the more you practice the better you will become. Try being clear, persuasive and engaging with EVERY conversation you enter into.

Take a good look at the videos below to get some great presentation tips.

How to Present

How to present with IMPACT!

If you have a message but lack the ability to communicate that message you don’t have a  message.

Keep Eye contact…

A short sharp info burst from communications skills expert Paul Ryan. Here he discusses  how to best use eye contact while addressing a group of people during a presentation to gain trust,


And finally …

The 10 Golden rules to avoid stress.

Follow these rules and you will be well on your way to giving a killer presentation – Simple as that!