Of Your Wealth

SOLUTIONSIt may seem strange to have a page devoted to wealth, but the lack of wealth can be incredibly stressful and therefore can be considered a safety risk.

Money can buy all your necessary safety equipment, gym memberships, wholesome foods, in fact just about anything that you and your family require. But, as we all know creating money takes time and effort and doesn’t always lead to wealth.



Creating wealth can be achieved through 3 major routes:

1. Working for money

Working for money refers to earnings as a worker, employee, consultant, one-man business, or sole proprietor. You exchange your limited time for cash, no work no pay! This is a great way to generate cash in the short term, but to generate wealth requires a lot of saving and investment over the long term.

This is by far the riskiest method of earning income simply because: No Work No Money!

To ensure that you stay in employment go to wordpress.com to create a simple free website blog. You can paste your updated CV/resume into your blog and details of your current availability can be added.

Any employment related correspondence or cover letters can have hyperlinks to your blog, which of course you will keep up to date.

Potential employers will always be able to see your current employment status, you may even get some offers that you just can’t refuse.

Here is a very basic blog that I have created as an example Joe Working – Designer it took me about 15 minutes  to create, but I would need a couple of hours to tweak it until I was happy with it.

2. Money Working For You

This is where you create and multiply wealth by investing your capital and receiving returns from such investments. It’s possible to create an infinite stream of income from this method.

Money working for you creates sustainable wealth. But, you will need access to large amounts of money to succeed and there many risks associated with generating an income via this method.

3. Passive Income Streams

This is my favorite method. In most cases, the work is done once, but the reward flows for a long time, sometimes indefinitely. Passive income streams, or royalties may be earned through intellectual properties such as books, works of art, films, music, computer software, inventions, designs, etc.

Other sources include multi-level marketing and affiliate programs.

Creating Passive Income Streams

All the above methods of wealth creation can now be generated using the internet.

There are so many different ways to make money on the internet and the range of opportunities is quite daunting. But to succeed you just need to make  a start and doors will start opening leading you to opportunities that you never thought possible.

The key to success is to jump in and give it a go and find your own path. There’s no time like now to get started and it can be done totally risk free!




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