Change Your Attitude

If you don’t like something CHANGE IT!

What a great way to approach life. If the video doesn’t inspire you, you’re in for a dull existence.

The basic message is that we are all in a position to change things and this also applies to safety.

However, it does take a degree of confidence to go about changing things that may have an impact on others. It may involve public speaking, confrontation and standing out from the crowd.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)

NLP can be used effectively to create positive outcomes and CHANGE ATTITUDES….

We can do and achieve anything when we are confident of success. If you would like to build unshakable confidence and stand out from the herd in all situations, then take the time to read these notes and work through the exercise.

So now relax, sit back and recall four separate times in your life when you were:

  • Highly motivated,
  • Proud of yourself,
  • Extremely confident,
  • Completely relaxed
  • Enjoying a really good laugh.

Now imagine a circle on the floor in front of you, big enough to step into. If you like, you can even mark it out in some way. Feel in full detail those individual feeling of :

  • motivation
  • pride
  • confidence
  • relaxation
  • and laughter

Recall all the individual sounds around you, see the memories as if you are still there.

Feel all your feelings, really step into the past experience and enjoy it.

Now taking each memory one at a time, step into the circle when the feeling is at it’s peak and intensify the feeling even more.

Breathe in the feeling. Enjoy it fully and completely. Then step out of the circle.

Do this for all the individual feelings. Now whenever you need a boost of confidence you can just step into your imaginary circle and you’ll feel surge of energy and confidence with all your past feelings of :

  • motivation
  • pride
  • confidence
  • relaxation
  • and laughter

This is not hypnosis, it’s just a simple NLP exercise using your own imagination and it really works.

Negative Statements

Do you find yourself repeating in our mind negative words and statements regarding the events in your life? Then join the rest of humanity because this is in our nature, but by doing so we create negative affirmations that may then create undesirable situations. Words and statements can work to build positive outcomes or may work to create negative outcomes. So let’s choose positive statements.

By doing so positive outcomes will almost always occur.