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Start A Low Risk Business.

We all at some time have an attraction to taking risks which are fun, but when it comes to earning a living most of us tend to be a little more conservative. This conservative outlook serves us well for most of our working life, but it does tend to strangle any entrepreneurial creative spirit that… Read More »

Ebola Outbreak Appeal

In West Africa the threat of Ebola hangs in the air. As the disease spreads from community to community, the survivors are left heartbroken and countless orphans are left behind. The countries hit by the disease already have some of the lowest doctor-patient ratios in the world; their health-care centres are collapsing under the pressure.… Read More »

Helping someone who is bleeding heavily

Everyday First Aid: Bleeding heavily Helping someone who is bleeding heavily — PUT PRESSURE ON THE WOUND By putting pressure on a wound, you slow the bleeding and that enables the blood to clot faster. A blood clot is the only way a person will stop bleeding naturally and completely.  The thing that most people do… Read More »

Helping someone who is having a stroke

Helping someone who is having a stroke (brain attack) Carry out the FAST test. F- Facial weakness A- Arm weakness S- Speech difficulty T- Time to call emergency services   Stroke symptoms include: SUDDEN numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg – especially on one side of the body. SUDDEN confusion, trouble speaking or understanding.… Read More »

Everyday First Aid: Heart attack

Helping someone who’s having a heart attack Help the person sit down Call an ambulance immediately Give constant reassurance       Whether you’re at home or overseas make sure you know the local emergency call number. If someone has stopped breathing then apply CPR, see Basic CPR Information   Common causes of Heart Attacks Heart… Read More »

Everyday First Aid: Distress

  Helping someone who is distressed Calm yourself Establish trust Show them that you are listening Ask them what they need. This video is part of the Everyday First Aid online resource — 14 free videos making it easy for you to learn basic first aid skills.   This is a good video, but it’s… Read More »

First Aid For A Diabetic Emergency

Helping someone who is experiencing a diabetic emergency. Signs and symptoms of low blood sugar: Pale Hungry Sweating Weak Confused Aggressive Give them a sweet sugary drink or food. This is one of 14 videos on an online learning resource called Everyday First Aid — an easy way to learn basic first aid skills, featuring… Read More »

Basic CPR Information

Help someone who is unconscious and not breathing. Give chest compression’s until help arrives. If a person is unconscious and not breathing then you should start chest compression’s as soon as possible to give the patient the best chance of survival. Even trained paramedics sometimes find it hard to find a pulse. This video is all about… Read More »

Home Treatment For Burns

Immediate Home Treatment For Burns is really quite simple, but it is very easy to panic under these sometime adverse conditions. It may be a child who needs help and other children may be involved or distressed. It’s important to calm the patient and cool the burn under cold running water for at least ten… Read More »

What To Do When Someone Has A Seizure

Most seizures stop by themselves. However, the episode can be very unnerving for anyone at the scene. Your main role is to ensure that the patient is not hurt or injured during the seizure. When a seizure occurs, try to prevent the person falling. Lay the person on the ground in a safe area. Clear… Read More »